About us

Made by Me Jewlery

Hello! I am Nerea, and since I was born more than three decades ago I have been passionate about jewelry.

My life took me in another direction, and I began my studies in Nutrition, but despite this I always made my own bracelets in different materials. I already had a jewelry inside of me.

It was not until I began my studies of Artistic Jewelry in Donostia, when I began to become familiar with metals and their treatment, especially Silver, and gems.

What makes me unique is that I seek customization to the extreme.

The process begins with an idea or a request. From there, a process begins in which, by means of 3d design, I elaborate the piece or set of pieces. In this step, the client can introduce his ideas, his personalization. And that makes the pieces unique.

Subsequently, manufacturing begins. The precious metal is melted and it is shaped and polished, sometimes gems are also added, to achieve a unique and precious final product.

With all this, customer satisfaction is always total, since they get the piece of their dreams.

My dream has always been to create a jewelry brand and make people happy with my pieces, and that dream is reflected in the pieces that you will find on this website. But if you want a piece 100% you, you know, write me and we will work together.